Developed to complement the BISALLOY® Armour steel range, which has become the first choice in defence applications here and abroad, the BISALLOY® Protection steel range offers tested and certified, lighter weight plate products with superior ballistic performance to suit a wide range of applications for the protection of life, valuables and property.

The BISALLOY® Protection steel range runs the gamut of vital performance characteristics including strength, toughness and shock loading resistance, along with the ability to be readily formed, fabricated and welded as required.

This makes it eminently suited to government and civilian applications including light armoured vehicles, land and sea patrol vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles, safes and strongboxes, security booths, public and private facilities, safe rooms and many more protective applications. 

While offering the same confidence in product quality that the market has come to expect from BISALLOY® Armour steel, the BISALLOY® Protection steel range also adds convenience to its list of valuable attributes as it is offered as a standardised product range that can be very easily specified and ordered – even spot orders and small volumes – with short lead times.

Since 1980, Bisalloy has proudly been Australia’s only manufacturer of quenched and tempered steel plate used for defence, structural and wear-resistant steel applications and has established an outstanding international reputation for quality products and technical support. 

Ballistic Certificates available on request.